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Memo to Clubs & Team Captains
Senior Autumn Fixture Team Nomination Night.
Reminder to all Clubs:- TQ trial will take place, TQ recording results.
Nominations for the above fixtures will close on 6th February 2018. Fixtures are to commence on Monday the 12th February 2018.
A Delegates Meeting will be held at Mooloolaba Tennis Club on Tuesday 6th February 2018 commencing at 7.30pm. Please ensure all nominations are accompanied by Registration Form & Fees.
Nomination Forms can be downloaded from Web site

Registration fee of $90.00 per team must be paid at the time of registration or nominations will NOT be accepted. All players must be registered with Tennis Queensland.
• There is an increase $10 per team on 2017 fee, fee increase due to TQ trial (fee goes to TQ during trial period 12 months).
• Also there is NO increase this season in the playing fees per player of $10 ($60 per team). All off this fee goes to the Home Tennis Clubs to pay for Light & Power and Tea/coffee & Milk. TQ will be suppling Balls to all clubs for fixtures during trial.

Special Notes
1 - Each club should have at least one delegate attend Registration meeting, especially for the February Meeting on 6th, as the SCTA/TQ will be attempting to keep each division to Max. 6 to 8 teams/division, and thus keeping the number of divisions to 5.
2 - If you cannot make the delegates meeting or drop off your nominations @ the Mooloolaba Tennis Club, then please send nomination forms to -
John Lyon Secretary at John can be contacted for any enquiries at Home on 54765615 or 0477611819, please Email or Mail any nominations or correspondence to 49 Jingellic Drive Buderim 4556.
Payment can be made by EFT to SCTA -
BSB 034243 Acc #123529 (Westpac).
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Results of Senior Grand Final held @ Mooloolaba TC on 4th December

The grand final night was a washout on night so teams that won the 1st semi final are Grand Finalists for Spring Fixtures 2017 -

Division 1 - Caloundra Raptors.
Division 2 - Woomye Pythons.
Division 3 - Coolum Cobras.
Division 4 - Kawana Surf.
Division 5 - Maroochydore Red.
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The SCTA AGM that was held In December @ Mooloolaba MTC. The two Notice of Motions (see entry below) were voted on.

The NOM to change results back to winning on Games was passed, so rules been changed that team winning most games on night wins on night (sets only used to if games are even due wast out etc. then team most sets wins on night).

The NOM to change scoring system was Lost, so NO change points scoring system.

One change to committee, Astrid Muller of Nambus TC was elected to committee, all other members were re elected for next 12 months while TQ trial takes place.
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Just a reminder for the SCTA AGM will be held tomorrow night @ Mooloolaba TC starting 7.30pm.

The following Notice of Motions have been put forward for discussion @ AGM.

You must be a registered member of tennis club, that plays in SCTA Monday Night Fixtures to be able to vote @ SCTA AGM.

Motion 1: Put forward by Ken Dusting (Nambas TC); Seconded by Neil Heyme (Palmwoods TC) that the team which wins the most number of Games on the night be declared the winner and not the team which wins the most number of Sets. A count back of sets to declare the winner should only occur when a washout occurs after play has started where at least 5 sets have been completed and the number of games is equal and play cannot continue. - End of motion 1

Motion 2: Change to current scoring system
Moved: Matthew Deverson Caloundra Tennis Club
Seconded: Michael Poulos Caloundra Tennis Club

Move that teams playing, are awarded Premiership points on
The following basis:
4 points for a win
2 points for a loss
0 points for forfeit
3 points each for a washout or draw
Winning team is determined on the night by calculations
Awarded to the match - 1 point per set won and 2 points for a
Win on games
Season Ladder Positions
Ladder position is determined first by Premiership Points Totals
If teams are tied on premiership points then separate ladder
Positions by sets for/against
If still tied separate by games for/against
If still tied separate by head to head
This is all automatically calculated in Leagues Manager

This system will not allow scores to get out of control as in the
Current scoring system and create a much tighter exciting
Season. It will also allow for the team that loses 5-4 on sets to
Still gain the win on games however the team that loses 6-3 will
Still lose even if a game wins
A team that loses 6-3, 7-2, 8-1 or 9-0 does not deserve the win
Points for the night however a tight 5-4 should have the ability
To take away win points. Under this scoring system it is the only
Way it can happen
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