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  • Enjoy ☺ 1 week ago
  • Seniors – Grand Finals of all divisions are on tonight at the Kawana Tennis Club 7.00pm. All are welcome to come… 2 weeks ago
  • Seniors – Division 5 semi finals – Please notethat your semi final has been moved to Nambour (Washington Street) Tennis Club. Happy Tennis ☺ 4 weeks ago
  • Seniors – The final ladders and Semi Final venues are now on our website. Happy Tennis ☺ 4 weeks ago
  • Seniors – There are score sheets missing for Divisions 2, 3, 4 and 5. Please send them to the recorder tonight… 1 month ago
  • Seniors – Thankyou for sending in your score sheets this week. They have all arrived within great time. Last… 1 month ago
  • Seniors and Juniors – please make sure surnames are included on your score sheets, full name of your team, date… 2 months ago
  • Juniors – Thanks to all those who have sent their score sheets in from their matches on Saturday. Keep them… 2 months ago
  • Juniors – Don’t forget a score sheet is to be sent in even if you have a wet match. A score sheet can be printed… 2 months ago
  • Juniors – Your draws for the new season is now on our website. Could the Captains and coaches please check the… 2 months ago
  • Juniors – Coaches don’t forget the Junior registration is tonight at the Mooloolaba Tennis Club 7.30pm. Please… 2 months ago
  • Does anybody recognise this face? 3 months ago
  • So sorry to hear of the passing of Joan Rogerson. She was a great player of tennis, alot of us ‘old’ girls will… 3 months ago
  • Great photo.☺ 3 months ago
  • Juniors – The best of luck to all those playing in the Grand Final of our Juniors tomorrow at the Kawana Tennis… 3 months ago

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